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  Hope Mills is located in Cumberland county. It is nestled up next to Fayetteville. If you can't find what you are looking for in Hope Mills... you will not have to go far to the next big city. That being said, you will be hard pressed not to find everything to meet your needs in Hope Mills. Stone Theaters has Millstone-14 which is a large theater surrounded by restaurants, a gym, wine cafe, and even a Putt Putt Fun Center. The Hope Mills Recreation Center offers different activities for everyone to enjoy. From Arts and Crafts and a skate park for the kids to pilates and yoga for the adults. Cathy's Barber Shop is great place to socialize while you wait for your haircut. Bringing back the feel of the good ole days where people hung out at the barber shop. 22 Klicks is a great place for night life. Enjoy an evening of fun with your friends while enjoying live music or karaoke... depending on the day of the week. They also sport and amazing menu if you just want a place to go eat. (Side note: This place was made famous by the Spike Reality show "Bar Rescue" and continues their success story through hard work and dedication to their customers)  Hope Mills is a great town to live.

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